Gluten Free Companies

We try to highlight the Montreal companies that are fully gluten free or offer gluten free products, as we love to promote local businesses! We also let you know of other companies that you can buy from directly or at your local supermarket.

A proud Montreal based company that has completely changed the gluten free market with their line of gluten free quinoa based products that are just unbelievably delicious! The diversity of their line of gluten free food is beyond extensive and for any and all tastes!

If you aren't familiar with Brazilian gluten free food, well, get ready for your world to change! Gofoodly, based in Montreal, delivers Brazilian gluten free products right to your door and they will absolutely change your life!

With a certified gluten free factory in the West Island of Montreal, Delicious Without Gluten has probably one the best gluten free flour mixes you will ever cook with, and their products are all celiac safe! Not to mention they are absolutely amazing tasting too!

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